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Quality, performance and longevity – our guiding principles

Quality, performance and longevity – the three principles we believe in when it comes to supplying exhaust systems and the three fundamental reasons why we only sell stainless steel components to our many and diverse clients.

It’s only with stainless steel exhaust pipes and parts that you can be assured of quality, performance and longevity – unlike with the mild steel alternatives. That’s because components built from mild steel usually tend to last for about three years, at which point – unfortunately for the owner who’s put their faith in them –they succumb to rust and corrosion from outside elements (acting on their exterior) and gases from the engine (acting on their interior).

With stainless steel parts customers rarely experience this because, due to the material they’re made from, they tend to be more durable and longer-lasting – indeed, it’s far from uncommon for stainless steel exhaust parts to exceed the lifetime of the vehicles to which they’re fitted.

Looking at it another way, these components save you money compared to mild steel ones, as you won’t need to replace them anything like as often – if at all. Plus, if fitted well, a stainless steel system should ensure free-flow of the fumes from the engine, meaning the waste will be efficiently removed from the vehicle, easing the burden on the engine and so saving on fuel use – and, ultimately then, on fuel costs.

Quality, performance and longevity from stainless steel exhausts–that’s why we sell exhaust systems, combinations of components or that one part a customer needs. We sell them to order online and through our trusted dealers. And we don’t mean to boast when we say it (because it’s true): we’re always confident we can deliver exactly what you require owing to the years in the business we’ve clocked up. We have a great deal of experience providing the best stainless steel exhaust components to our many very satisfied clients – both trade and public customers.

And when we say we supply the best, we also mean in that all-important department – the sound of your exhaust.Don’t worry; just like mild steel versions, stainless exhausts deliver that deep, satisfying, sonorous noise you’re doubtless after. We know that’s high on the list of priorities when it comes to exhaust components – or an entire system – when you’re looking to buy, so it’s just as high on our list of deliverables.

In short then, thanks to our guiding principles – quality, performance and longevity – we’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied in doing business with us; 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, the only company you’ll ever need for your stainless steel exhaust needs.

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