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  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: PayPal now available with 304

    When you’re looking to buy exhaust parts or a new, entire system, you want to know you’re buying something that’s worth the money. And that means buying your products from someone you can trust. Someone whose customers keep coming back to them because of their quality parts and great service.

    You may expect us to say it, but it’s true – at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, we’re that company. In fact, we’ve been delivering great customer service for so long, we’ve been that company for around 200 years.

    All right, we haven’t been supplying exhaust parts for two centuries, but we’ve been a dedicated family enterprise trusted by repeat customers for two centuries – having grown from a humble blacksmith business to the company we are today, boasting a dealer network up and down the country. We’re no fly-by-night, five-minute-wonder – giving our customers what they want and what they need is in our DNA. It’s second nature to us.

    In fact, we’ve been producing stainless steel exhaust systems and parts at our Worcestershire site and delivering them – via our dealers – since 1962. That means we have more than 50 years’ experience in this business. And more than 50 years’ worth of customer satisfaction.

    And, as a supplier dedicated to delivering the best possible service, we’re making it easier, faster and more efficient than ever before for our loyal – and new – customers to do business with us, as we’re offering a new payment option. That’s right; all our customers – whether they require a whole new exhaust system or a single part from us, say, an in-house-built silencer – can now pay via the PayPal on our website. By all means check it out. Used the world over for business and customer transactions, PayPal is renowned for its ease-of-use and security.

    So, 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD may be an old family firm dating back two centuries and honed on delivering bespoke products, but we’re also a 21st Century business that listens to our customers, learns what they need and delivers exactly what they want – wherever they may be in the country. It’s simply what we do.

  • Cut out the middle man: don’t go to a dealer – come straight to the source

    Let’s face it, there’s lots of exhaust parts dealers out there – but there’s only one 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD. The difference between us and other exhaust dealers? We’re not a dealer – we produce a whole range of exhaust parts at our Worcestershire site, bespoke and exactly as our customers request, and supply them through dealers we know.

    In fact it could well be that a dealer you’ve approached in the past sells products that we’ve supplied to them. In short, we’re the real deal. We produce the parts and supply them throughout the UK via a dedicated network of dealers stretching from Poole to Dunfermline.

    Plus, when we say we’ll make you bespoke stainless steel exhaust parts, it’s not an idle promise. We mean what we say – you can rely on us because it’s what we do day-in, day-out. Actually, we’ve being doing it since 1962. A family-run business that’s grown and moved with the times and the changes in technology, but stayed true to our core values – making quality parts from highly reliable stainless steel, listening to our customers and delivering exactly what they ask for.

    At 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, we’re committed to the best possible customer service – as mentioned in our last post, we’ve just introduced PayPal to our website. And, as part of our bespoke service, one of our specialties is custom-silencer-making. Which means that, unlike any old exhaust dealer you’ll come across, we perform mandrel-bending on-site, ensuring we can produce round and oval stainless steel silencers to order.

    For instance, if you come to us and ask for a silencer bent at precisely 35°, that’s exactly what we’ll do for you. In fact, we can bend silencers (with one bend or multi-bends) to any degree – from 1° right up to 180°. Moreover, we can make round silencers for you of any configuration from 230mm to 1.3m and oval silencers from 230mm to 750mm.

    So don’t mess about with inferior exhaust dealers with their non-stainless steel parts, go straight to the source – 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD; the home of bespoke, stainless steel parts and full systems.

  • What’s the secret of our success? High-quality customer service

    Every exhaust system lives and dies by how strong and reliable its parts are – and every business lives and dies by how well it serves its customers. It’s something that at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD we’re only too aware of. And we’ve been aware of it for all the years we’ve been trading and supplying our customers with top quality exhaust parts.

    With our established customer base – made up of both public and private clients – we’re known as a company that can be relied on to deliver. A family-run business, we have 40 years’ experience. That means we’ve built an enviable reputation as a trusted brand – one fully built on customer satisfaction. Whatever the stainless steel exhaust parts you need, we’ll deliver – we always do; we always will. It’s simply what we do.

    And thanks to our hard work, we can proudly claim to have clients up and down the country. This is also because we have a large network of reputable dealers throughout the UK, so we can supply you with whatever part you need either direct via our website or through a dealer that’s near you. Want to find out which is nearest you? Just contact us and we’ll let you know – and direct you to them.

    As said, your exhaust wish is our command – for instance, if you want a new, ready-made, full system, then we’ll instruct one of our dealers in your vicinity to construct it for you from our parts. Precisely to your specification and up to our exacting standards. You can trust they’ll be up to the job – we wouldn’t be in business with them otherwise. Speaking of which, we’re always on the look-out for new dealers, so any out there who might be interested, please do contact us – but you’ll have to meet our demanding standards. We won’t settle for anything less!

    Supplying top quality exhaust components to our satisfied customers is what we do; day in, day out. Once you’ve got into contact with us and do business with us, you’ll understand why our clients trust us to deliver – and why they always come back to us too!

  • No job’s too big for us and no job’s too small!

    It’s a cliché but then most clichés are true – and this one certainly is. At 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, no job’s too big for us and no job’s too small. If you need exhaust components made fromstainless steel, we’ll deliver – we always do for our customers, whoever they are and whatever they want.

    A family-run business of high standing and 40 years’ experience, we’ve built our reputation on quality and customer satisfaction. We’re successful because when we say we’ll do something for a client, we do it.

    Although we like to specialise in supplying mandrel bends (which includes custom bends – from 1°right up to 180°) as well as performance silencers (either round or oval; one-offs or large batches), we guarantee to supply you with whatever you need. Whether it’s a single tailpipe or a number of Y-pipes, or whether it’s a specific sport cat or a particular adapter.

    Alternatively, if you want a whole, ready-made exhaust system, we’re only too happy to oblige. We’ll direct you to one of our dealers locatednear you and they’ll build it for you from our 304 stainless steel exhaust components – exactly to your specification and always to our high quality standard.

    Owing to the fact we’re a reliable and trusted brand then, our customer base is diverse – it includes both public and trade clients. And thanks to our network of trusted dealers up and down the country, we can supply you with your parts director – if it’s easier for you – through the dealer that’s closest to you.To find them, just ask us and we’ll direct you to them.

    So you see, once you’ve contacted us and heard from the horse’s mouth exactly what we’re about, you’ll realiseyou’ll never needanother other stainless steel exhaust supplier– no job’s too big for us; no job’s too small.

  • 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts – Trusted By The Trade And The Public

    Let’s face it, there’s a lot of car exhaust suppliers out there – all of them after your custom. So why should you choose us, 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts, over the opposition? What differentiates us? Why should you make us your sole supplier?

    Quite simply, because so many other people already do. We have an enviable amount of experience – we’ve been in the business for years and years – which means we’ve built up a loyal base of customers who depend on us to deliver all their needs when it comes to car exhaust components. And we don’t discriminate when it comes to the type of customer either. We supply parts to both trade clients and to public customers; all of them satisfied with our efficient, dependable and quality service.

    Moreover, part of the reason why we boast so many clients is because we’re dedicated to supplying every possible exhaust component, all of them custom-built – from pipes to replacement catalytic converters – no order is too big or too small for us. We’re just as happysupplying you with that one, single exhaust part you need as we are with a combination of specific components or an entire exhaust system. Whatever works for you; whatever you need. That’s our business; that’s what we do.

    However, something else that differentiates us from the competition is that we only supply components made from stainless steel. Don’t get the wrong idea; this is definitely a strength. Owing to our years of experience and expertise, we know that stainless steel is by far and a way the best material for car exhaust parts; mild steel is a poor second, which is why we have nothing to do with it.

    But why is this? There are a few reasons. The first comes down to the strength and lifetime of stainless steel components. Mild steel parts are made of steel, we won’t deny that, but obviously this steel is ‘mild’, plus it’s usually coated (or rather ‘topped up’) with aluminium or zinc. This may sound all very well, but stainless steel parts are manufactured from absolute steel throughout (with no additional lesser metals), which means they’re naturally stronger and more durable.

    Furthermore, they also contain nickel and chrome – it’s this that gives them that elegant and distinguished and, in fact, all important chrome polished look on the outside. All important? Yes, because this chrome finish keeps rust away from the exhaust, without this it would startcorroding as soon it receives a tiny scratch – as is the case with the mild steel alternative. For this reason there’s a huge disparity between the lifetimes of mild steel and stainless steel exhausts; the former often needs to be replaced after just three years, the latter may not need to be replaced at all – in fact, it’s likely to outlive the car to which it’s been fitted.

    You may have guessed the other reason why we only supply stainless steel parts by now. Ultimately, they cost you – the customer – less. They’re a better deal for you. Because you have to replace them far less often – if at all – compared to the mild steel alternatives, which may be cheaper at face value, but in the long-term inevitably work out to be more expensive.

    So, the message is simple: at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts, we’re committed to supplying you with whatever exhaust components you require, custom-built – strong, long-lasting and value-for-money exhausts.

  • Quality, Experience And Versatility – What You Get From Us

    304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD– the people you should turn to for your exhaust needs.Why?The answer’s simple. We have more than 40 years’ experience and supplyexhaust products throughout the UK. And all our components are made from 304 stainless steel of the very highest standard. We’re a family-run business built on quality and customer satisfaction. And we’re successful because we do what we say we’re going to do; we deliver what we say we’re going to deliver.

    Our customers include both public and trade clients. We’ll supply you with exactly the exhaust parts you need for your car, either direct or through our trusted dealers up and down the country.To find the one nearest you, just contact us and we’ll direct you to them.

    We also specialise in providing mandrel bends (including custom bends – from 1°right up to 180°) and performance silencers (round or oval; one-offs or large batch production-runs). But whatever you’re looking for, we can supply you withit – everything from tailpipes to Y-pipes and sport cats to adapters.It may be a cliché, but it’s true – no job’s too big for us; no job’s too small.

    And if you require an entire, ready-made stainless steel exhaust system, then no worries – we’ll direct you to one of our local dealers who’ll build it for you from our quality exhaust parts. Indeed, we’re always on the look-out foto our trusted dealerships up and down the countryy we'r new dealers – but only those who are extremely capable and can build the best possible exhaust systems from our high quality components. We’ll only go for the best, but if you’re a dealer and think you fit the bill, get into contact with us!

    As one of the largest exhaust part suppliers in the UK, we don’t limit who we supply to. Sure, most of our customers are in the car trade, but we also provide components for boats, mobile homes andcommercial plants, as well as mandrel bends for building and engineering companies.

    So you see, 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD really is the only exhaust component supplier you’ll ever need – quality, experience and versatility is what you’ll get from us, as well as exactly the exhaust parts you want!

  • Quality, performance and longevity – our guiding principles

    Quality, performance and longevity – the three principles we believe in when it comes to supplying exhaust systems and the three fundamental reasons why we only sell stainless steel components to our many and diverse clients.

    It’s only with stainless steel exhaust pipes and parts that you can be assured of quality, performance and longevity – unlike with the mild steel alternatives. That’s because components built from mild steel usually tend to last for about three years, at which point – unfortunately for the owner who’s put their faith in them –they succumb to rust and corrosion from outside elements (acting on their exterior) and gases from the engine (acting on their interior).

    With stainless steel parts customers rarely experience this because, due to the material they’re made from, they tend to be more durable and longer-lasting – indeed, it’s far from uncommon for stainless steel exhaust parts to exceed the lifetime of the vehicles to which they’re fitted.

    Looking at it another way, these components save you money compared to mild steel ones, as you won’t need to replace them anything like as often – if at all. Plus, if fitted well, a stainless steel system should ensure free-flow of the fumes from the engine, meaning the waste will be efficiently removed from the vehicle, easing the burden on the engine and so saving on fuel use – and, ultimately then, on fuel costs.

    Quality, performance and longevity from stainless steel exhausts–that’s why we sell exhaust systems, combinations of components or that one part a customer needs. We sell them to order online and through our trusted dealers. And we don’t mean to boast when we say it (because it’s true): we’re always confident we can deliver exactly what you require owing to the years in the business we’ve clocked up. We have a great deal of experience providing the best stainless steel exhaust components to our many very satisfied clients – both trade and public customers.

    And when we say we supply the best, we also mean in that all-important department – the sound of your exhaust.Don’t worry; just like mild steel versions, stainless exhausts deliver that deep, satisfying, sonorous noise you’re doubtless after. We know that’s high on the list of priorities when it comes to exhaust components – or an entire system – when you’re looking to buy, so it’s just as high on our list of deliverables.

    In short then, thanks to our guiding principles – quality, performance and longevity – we’re sure you’ll be more than satisfied in doing business with us; 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, the only company you’ll ever need for your stainless steel exhaust needs.

  • Why stainless steel exhausts save you money

    Are you tempted to buy stainless steel exhaust parts, but put off because of the price? Don’t be – they save you money.

    Granted, at face value, mild steel exhaust components are usually cheaper; but it’s easy to overlook just how much they’ll cost in the long run. When you consider that stainless steel parts are more durable and last longer, it quickly becomes obvious simply they’re the cheaper – and all round – better exhaust option.

    In fact, stainless steel components last so long that often they outlast the lifetime of the car to which they’re fitted. But why is this? What is it about stainless steel that makes it such a good material for exhausts? Why should you fork out good money on it?
    Mild steel parts are obviously made of steel, just like their stainless counterparts, but they’re simply not as strong. Unlike stainless components, which are made of absolute steel, their mild steel rivals are coated (or ‘topped up’) with the less durable aluminium or zinc.

    By contrast, stainless steel exhausts contain nickel and chrome which means – unlike mild steel parts – they don’t start to rust as soon as they come into contact with the air’s elements. Without a great-looking, polished chrome finish, mild steel parts begin to corrode immediately they’re scratched – so the writing’s on the wall from that point on. If you want exhaust parts that aren't the strongest on the market, rust quickly and will only last up to three years, then buy mild steel – otherwise, it’s best to stick with stainless steel.

    If these reasons for buying stainless steel parts weren't enough, there’s another big reason why you should – and it’s another one that ensure stainless steel exhausts save money. As a well-made, well-fitted stainless exhaust will be free-flowing, it should rid the engine of waste faster and more effectively than a manufacturer’s original exhaust. This means the engine won’t have to work as hard and so use less fuel. Yes, a stainless steel exhaust ensures you pay less at the pump!

    And there’s no doubt about it, every exhaust component you’ll need is available in stainless steel. Indeed, at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, we pride ourselves on being able to supply any and every exhaust component, custom-built, for both our trade and public clients. We have years of experience in the business and so a multitude of satisfied clients who can attest to our quality service – whether they've bought from us a whole stainless steel exhaust system, a combination of components or just that one part they need.

    So get in touch with us – we’re the perfect partner for all your great-looking, long-lasting and value-for-money stainless steel exhaust parts.

  • Why choose 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD?

    If you’re looking for components or an entire stainless steel exhaust system, then you’ve come to the right place. At 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, we’re all about supplying exactly the component – or combination of components – you need for your system.

    We sell our products to order online and through our trusted dealers and can be confident we’ll deliver exactly what you require because we have many years’ experience of providing excellent stainless steel exhaust components and so have many satisfied clients – both trade and public customers – to attest to our quality service.

    For us, exhaust components and systems are fundamentally about three things: quality, performance and longevity. That’s why the products we sell are from stainless steel material rather than mild steel. Components built from the latter tend to last for about three years at most, at which time they will have succumbed to rust and corrosion due to the outside elements and the gases from the engine.

    By contrast, stainless steel components simply don’t rust or corrode. This means they last a great deal longer – quite possibly longer than the entire life of the vehicle to which they’re fitted. Stainless steel exhausts then are durable and long-lasting. Additionally, because stainless doesn't rust, exhausts built from it have an attractive polished finish as opposed to the dull and – inevitably – rusty finish of a mild steel exhaust. Aesthetically speaking then, it’s a win-win.

    And stainless exhausts sound just as good as mild exhausts too. Indeed, because we have a reputation for delivering precisely what our customers require, we take great care in making sure the component – or system – you receive will deliver that deep, quality sound you’re looking for.

    There’s also a matter of efficiency and cost-effectiveness here.Not only does buying stainless steel parts from us mean you won’t need to replace them as you would those built from corrosive mild steel, but as a free-flowing stainless steel exhaust is likely to rid gas from a vehicle more efficiently than the manufacturer’s original exhaust, the engine has to work less and use less fuel. Over time then, the savings you’ll accrue could make a real difference to your car’s overall running costs.

    So, with our years of knowledge and expertise, enormous variety of products and capacity to supply exactly the components or system you want, we’re sure that you've found the perfect partner in us –304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD for stainless steel exhausts.

  • What are the benefits of a stainless steel exhaust?

    Put simply, the benefits of a stainless steel exhaust are quality, performance and longevity.

    It’s better to buy stainless steel exhaust components, unlike mild steel components, because they won’t rust or corrode when they’re scratched or scarred. Conversely, the assault of wet British weather and salt will eventually rust the alternative or zinc-coated mild steel exhaust systems. Moreover,in time, gases emitted from the engine will corrode these standard steel exhausts. But, owing to their durability, this simply isn't the case with stainless steel components – they cope far better with years of use and the conditions their exhaust systems have to face.

    Nowadays, practically every exhaust component is built in stainless steel as well as the mild steel alternative. Indeed, with our commitment to supplying any and every exhaust component for both trade and public clients, at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD we pride ourselves on providing exactly the custom-built component – or combination of components – you need. We have years of experience and many satisfied clients to attest to our quality service.

    And don’t doubt it, if you want efficiency and value for money, then our stainless steel products are what you need. Due to its durability, once the right stainless steel system has been fitted you’ll find it’s far less likely you’ll have to replace your car’s pipes and other components – if at all – unlike if you've chosen to have a mild steel system put in. Ultimately then, stainless steel is the cost-effective choice.

    The quality, performance and longevity – the benefits of a stainless steel exhaust – are, of course, down to the composition of the material itself. Unlike mild steel pipes that often consist of coated aluminium or zinc over steel tubing, stainless steel pipes are made of absolute steel with a proportion of nickel and chrome to ensure they’re resistant to rust and corrosion. With mild steel pipes, the aluminium will protect the steel only until it’s scratched, after which moisture and dirt will inevitably get into the metal and result in worsening corrosion. Stainless pipes simply last longer; tube-painting or re coating isn't necessary.

    Admittedly, from an aesthetic point of view, stainless steel pipes will naturally discolour over time, which is naturally due to heat. But this isn't necessarily due to a lack of quality –indeed, the pipes’ chromium shine can be brought back merely with some stainless steel polish and a soft cloth.

    And, in terms of sound; don’t worry. Our stainless steel components will provide just the sound you want your exhaust to deliver. Plus, as 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD is dedicated to supply the precise parts you need, we specifically work to find the components that give that deep, quality sound you’re after. Our parts look great, sound great and, owing to their stainless steel material, ensure smoother, easier flow through the system.

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