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Customer satisfaction guaranteed: PayPal now available with 304

When you’re looking to buy exhaust parts or a new, entire system, you want to know you’re buying something that’s worth the money. And that means buying your products from someone you can trust. Someone whose customers keep coming back to them because of their quality parts and great service.

You may expect us to say it, but it’s true – at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, we’re that company. In fact, we’ve been delivering great customer service for so long, we’ve been that company for around 200 years.

All right, we haven’t been supplying exhaust parts for two centuries, but we’ve been a dedicated family enterprise trusted by repeat customers for two centuries – having grown from a humble blacksmith business to the company we are today, boasting a dealer network up and down the country. We’re no fly-by-night, five-minute-wonder – giving our customers what they want and what they need is in our DNA. It’s second nature to us.

In fact, we’ve been producing stainless steel exhaust systems and parts at our Worcestershire site and delivering them – via our dealers – since 1962. That means we have more than 50 years’ experience in this business. And more than 50 years’ worth of customer satisfaction.

And, as a supplier dedicated to delivering the best possible service, we’re making it easier, faster and more efficient than ever before for our loyal – and new – customers to do business with us, as we’re offering a new payment option. That’s right; all our customers – whether they require a whole new exhaust system or a single part from us, say, an in-house-built silencer – can now pay via the PayPal on our website. By all means check it out. Used the world over for business and customer transactions, PayPal is renowned for its ease-of-use and security.

So, 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD may be an old family firm dating back two centuries and honed on delivering bespoke products, but we’re also a 21st Century business that listens to our customers, learns what they need and delivers exactly what they want – wherever they may be in the country. It’s simply what we do.

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