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What’s the secret of our success? High-quality customer service

Every exhaust system lives and dies by how strong and reliable its parts are – and every business lives and dies by how well it serves its customers. It’s something that at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD we’re only too aware of. And we’ve been aware of it for all the years we’ve been trading and supplying our customers with top quality exhaust parts.

With our established customer base – made up of both public and private clients – we’re known as a company that can be relied on to deliver. A family-run business, we have 40 years’ experience. That means we’ve built an enviable reputation as a trusted brand – one fully built on customer satisfaction. Whatever the stainless steel exhaust parts you need, we’ll deliver – we always do; we always will. It’s simply what we do.

And thanks to our hard work, we can proudly claim to have clients up and down the country. This is also because we have a large network of reputable dealers throughout the UK, so we can supply you with whatever part you need either direct via our website or through a dealer that’s near you. Want to find out which is nearest you? Just contact us and we’ll let you know – and direct you to them.

As said, your exhaust wish is our command – for instance, if you want a new, ready-made, full system, then we’ll instruct one of our dealers in your vicinity to construct it for you from our parts. Precisely to your specification and up to our exacting standards. You can trust they’ll be up to the job – we wouldn’t be in business with them otherwise. Speaking of which, we’re always on the look-out for new dealers, so any out there who might be interested, please do contact us – but you’ll have to meet our demanding standards. We won’t settle for anything less!

Supplying top quality exhaust components to our satisfied customers is what we do; day in, day out. Once you’ve got into contact with us and do business with us, you’ll understand why our clients trust us to deliver – and why they always come back to us too!

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