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  • Why stainless steel exhausts save you money

    Are you tempted to buy stainless steel exhaust parts, but put off because of the price? Don’t be – they save you money.

    Granted, at face value, mild steel exhaust components are usually cheaper; but it’s easy to overlook just how much they’ll cost in the long run. When you consider that stainless steel parts are more durable and last longer, it quickly becomes obvious simply they’re the cheaper – and all round – better exhaust option.

    In fact, stainless steel components last so long that often they outlast the lifetime of the car to which they’re fitted. But why is this? What is it about stainless steel that makes it such a good material for exhausts? Why should you fork out good money on it?
    Mild steel parts are obviously made of steel, just like their stainless counterparts, but they’re simply not as strong. Unlike stainless components, which are made of absolute steel, their mild steel rivals are coated (or ‘topped up’) with the less durable aluminium or zinc.

    By contrast, stainless steel exhausts contain nickel and chrome which means – unlike mild steel parts – they don’t start to rust as soon as they come into contact with the air’s elements. Without a great-looking, polished chrome finish, mild steel parts begin to corrode immediately they’re scratched – so the writing’s on the wall from that point on. If you want exhaust parts that aren't the strongest on the market, rust quickly and will only last up to three years, then buy mild steel – otherwise, it’s best to stick with stainless steel.

    If these reasons for buying stainless steel parts weren't enough, there’s another big reason why you should – and it’s another one that ensure stainless steel exhausts save money. As a well-made, well-fitted stainless exhaust will be free-flowing, it should rid the engine of waste faster and more effectively than a manufacturer’s original exhaust. This means the engine won’t have to work as hard and so use less fuel. Yes, a stainless steel exhaust ensures you pay less at the pump!

    And there’s no doubt about it, every exhaust component you’ll need is available in stainless steel. Indeed, at 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, we pride ourselves on being able to supply any and every exhaust component, custom-built, for both our trade and public clients. We have years of experience in the business and so a multitude of satisfied clients who can attest to our quality service – whether they've bought from us a whole stainless steel exhaust system, a combination of components or just that one part they need.

    So get in touch with us – we’re the perfect partner for all your great-looking, long-lasting and value-for-money stainless steel exhaust parts.

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