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  • No job’s too big for us and no job’s too small!

    It’s a cliché but then most clichés are true – and this one certainly is. At 304 Stainless Exhaust Parts LTD, no job’s too big for us and no job’s too small. If you need exhaust components made fromstainless steel, we’ll deliver – we always do for our customers, whoever they are and whatever they want.

    A family-run business of high standing and 40 years’ experience, we’ve built our reputation on quality and customer satisfaction. We’re successful because when we say we’ll do something for a client, we do it.

    Although we like to specialise in supplying mandrel bends (which includes custom bends – from 1°right up to 180°) as well as performance silencers (either round or oval; one-offs or large batches), we guarantee to supply you with whatever you need. Whether it’s a single tailpipe or a number of Y-pipes, or whether it’s a specific sport cat or a particular adapter.

    Alternatively, if you want a whole, ready-made exhaust system, we’re only too happy to oblige. We’ll direct you to one of our dealers locatednear you and they’ll build it for you from our 304 stainless steel exhaust components – exactly to your specification and always to our high quality standard.

    Owing to the fact we’re a reliable and trusted brand then, our customer base is diverse – it includes both public and trade clients. And thanks to our network of trusted dealers up and down the country, we can supply you with your parts director – if it’s easier for you – through the dealer that’s closest to you.To find them, just ask us and we’ll direct you to them.

    So you see, once you’ve contacted us and heard from the horse’s mouth exactly what we’re about, you’ll realiseyou’ll never needanother other stainless steel exhaust supplier– no job’s too big for us; no job’s too small.

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